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Paul Baskin
Grants To You
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Grants To You provides free training in grant writing and research to volunteer seniors, students and other motivated citizens who are computer literate, who have a strong interest in supporting their community, and who have the time to devote to the completion of projects assigned by their non-profit agency(s).

Grants To You
1608 St. Andrews Way
Prescott, AZ 86301

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Paul Baskin

As a former manager with corporations such as Mattel, Vivitar, and Haas Automation, Paul Baskin is used to looking at problems with a critical eye.

For example, after fifteen years in finance and accounting, Baskin decided he needed to finish his college degree to keep moving up in business. The strategy worked perfectly -- Baskin was immediately appointed to be manager of sales operations. Soon he was in charge of 130 people.

In 2001, two years into retirement, Baskin took his talent for problem-solving into the independent sector when he founded Grants To You, an innovative organization that trains volunteer students and older adults to support their favorite nonprofits as grant writers.

Six years later, Grants to You has placed volunteers with more 100 organizations in Arizona, California, and New York.

Baskin's idea was to create an organization that serves several social needs at once. Not only does Grants To You help nonprofits raise sorely needed funds, but it also helps volunteers find new and meaningful ways to support causes they care about.

All across the country, problem solvers like Baskin are moving out of business and into -- well -- the unknown. But while the business world is very good at finding uses for folks who can solve organizational challenges, nonprofits often struggle with those talents.

In Baskin's case, he ended up founding his own organization -- one that was consistent with his understanding of organizations. The result has been tremendously satisfying.

"Community service has become a extraordinary blessing for me," he said. "It occupies my time with useful activity, keeps my mind and creativity at full blast and enables me to make a significant difference."

Shortly after starting the first chapter in California, Baskin and his wife, Shirley, moved to Prescott, Arizona. It was right when the organization's first trainings were getting underway. Once in Arizona, he founded a Prescott chapter and he hasn't looked back.

Today the organization has trained over 320 dedicated volunteer grant writers, around half of whom are seniors.

With Grants To You, Baskin says, "I'm able to see both the results of my efforts in assisting communities and the passion of those who have become volunteers."

Baskin says his goal is to establish 200 chapters throughout the United States.

Aside from community-service, Baskin enjoys sports and spending time with his dog. But he reserves a special place in his heart for his work at Grants To You.

"For me, this vision will likely occupy the rest of my life," he said.

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