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Brandon Fine
San Francisco Bike Coalition
Organization profile
The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is a 5,900-member nonprofit, grassroots advocacy organization working to transform San Francisco's streets and neighborhoods into safer, more livable places by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation. The Coalition's vision is a city in which anyone ages 8 to 80 can feel safe riding their bicycles.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
995 Market St., Suite 1550
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 431-2453

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Brandon Fine

Many know Brandon Fine as a language expert and respected college professor, who has for nearly 20 years taught English as a second language to immigrant adults attending San Francisco City College.

But what some don't know is that he is also one of San Francisco's leading "vélorutionaries."

Fine is the Distribution Coordinator for the Tube Times newsletter, the San Francisco Bike Coalition's (SFBC) bi-monthly periodical devoted to championing self-propelled, two-wheeled transportation. He manages a team of volunteers throughout San Francisco, and has worked with the Coalition since 1999, when he first discovered a copy of the newsletter in a local café.

"Having been an urban SF biker for years already, I was deeply grateful that there was a group that was working to make conditions better for bikers," he said.

Fine is devoted to the SFBC's mission of transforming San Francisco's streets and neighborhoods into more livable and safe places by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation. With his help, the organization passionately advocates for a more human-scaled, sustainable model for SF (and beyond).

"I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction, as well as personal grounding, working for and contributing to the SFBC," he said. "For me, the vélorution is all about a more sane and dignified world."

Still, are there any challenges to helping lead the West Coast vélorution?

"Having the patience and wisdom to endure the dominant paradigm, even as I do all I can to subvert it," he said.

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