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VolunteerMatch Team

The VolunteerMatch team combines a love of community engagement, a passion for technology, and a commitment to building strong relationships. Get to know the folks behind our service!


Todd Anderson
Client Services Manager

Todd left corporate America to join VolunteerMatch in 2015. He works with nonprofit partners and corporate clients to make sure they have the knowledge and support to get the most out of their volunteer programs. When not doing the nonprofit 9-5, Todd walks the walk by volunteering with the Zen Hospice Project and San Francisco Suicide Prevention. He also plays and listens to as much music as possible and wears beanies year round.

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Greg Baldwin
CEO, VolunteerMatch

Greg Baldwin joined what is now VolunteerMatch in the spring of 1998 as its Chief Imagination Officer to finish hot-wiring the Internet to help everybody find a great place to volunteer. Today, VolunteerMatch is the web's largest volunteer engagement network strengthening communities and organizations across the country by making it easier for good people and good causes to connect. . Greg completed his undergraduate studies at Brown University in 1990 with a degree in Public Policy. He is a life-long volunteer and currently lives in the Bay Area with his wife Kathryn and kids Ellie and Matt.

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Jennifer R. Bennett, CVA
Sr Manager, Education & Training

Jennifer joined VolunteerMatch to formalize and manage the organization’s volunteer engagement program. With her breadth of experience, she is well qualified to help VolunteerMatch’s community of nonprofits better recruit and engage volunteers.

She shares her knowledge with volunteer managers through the webinars found on the Learning Center, in newsletters and blog entries, and in person at conferences around the country.

She contributed The New Volunteer Manager’s Toolkit chapter to the guide Volunteer Engagement 2.0: Ideas and Insights that are Changing the World published by VolunteerMatch in 2015. And, she is the current Co-Editor and contributing author for the 4th Edition of Volunteer Administration: Professional Practice.

She’s a strong believer in the importance of engaging volunteers in meaningful work and was certified in Volunteer Administration in 2009. She served on the Board of the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration from 2012-2018, and was the Chair from 2015-2018.

She currently volunteers with the Justice & Diversity Center and Project Homeless Connect in San Francisco.

She holds a B.A. from Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg, VA.

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Ben Chutz
Senior Director, Business Development & Marketing

Ben Chutz joined VolunteerMatch in January 2020 to help accelerate its vision of getting more volunteers out into the world. He brings over 10 years of experience in founding and growing impact-oriented technology companies and is passionate in his belief that the Internet can and should be used to mobilize people all over the world into taking positive action, serving others, and addressing humanity’s greatest challenges.

Outside of VolunteerMatch, Ben serves as a board director to organizations that support disability advocacy and quality of life, mental health awareness, and homelessness, and actively supports causes that strive to elevate the human condition and enable individuals to live lives of dignity, equal opportunity, and self-empowerment. 

He lives in a music-filled home in Metro Detroit with his wife and children and enjoys neighborhood walks, repairing things, flying kites, dark coffee, and most importantly, spending high quality, device-free time with family and friends. 

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Judy Guo
Lead Engineer

Judy joined VolunteerMatch as a lead engineer in March 2016. Before joining the company, she was a team leader with rich experience in working with many co-workers from all over the world. She has extensive experience in back end development. Currently Judy lives in Vero Beach FL with her daughter and husband. Judy holds a Master degree in Computer Science from University of Maine.

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Erin Halley
Senior Manager, Business Development & Marketing

Erin Halley is the Senior Manager, Business Development and Marketing for VolunteerMatch. She is passionate about making a positive impact and contributing to a better world. She has extensive experience in marketing from digital to events to trade shows. Her background includes marketing for an international consumer electronics company, a leading national health advocacy nonprofit, a well-known healthcare institution and an arts non-profit. She received a BA in Marketing from the University of Northern Colorado and has an MBA from the University of Nevada, Reno.

In her free time, she enjoys riding her bike and doing yoga.

Sarah Hayes
Business Development

Sarah has built a career working with for-profit companies and non-profit organizations around employee volunteer programs and community partnerships. She has worked with many international companies, and recently concluded a contract with the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), developing and managing the Global Corporate Volunteer Council (GCVC), a successful network of global companies based throughout the world that have employee engagement programs in at least three regions of the world. Sarah is an experienced public speaker, trainer, fundraiser, and is very good at partnerships and relationship-building and understanding between these two sectors. Sarah has served on the National Council of Workplace Volunteerism with the Points of Light, and on the U.S. Committee for the International Year of Volunteers. She has also served as a consultant on the Leadership Faculty of the Points of Light Institute.

Kevin Johnson
Manager, Client Relations

Kevin joined VolunteerMatch in 2007 after a ten year run with the Warner Music Group. He works closely with both nonprofit and corporate partners to ensure that VolunteerMatch gives everyone the chance to make a difference. When not extolling the value of the VolunteerMatch Network to anyone who will listen, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, baseball, music, craft and not so craft beer, and quality hair products.

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David Lake
VP, Product Management

David joined VolunteerMatch in February 2017 to help develop and deliver products that bring volunteers and nonprofits together -- to do amazing things. He brings over 10 years of experience in product leadership: owning the business strategy behind a product, specifying functional requirements, and product launch and life cycle. He believes that the internet is still an early-stage social experiment that can and will be utilized by people everywhere to do good.

Outside of VolunteerMatch, David lives with his wife of 25 years; has a son recently off to college; and has a home filled with artistic energy. Combined, he and his wife spend time reading, writing, painting, stamping, and banjo playing.

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Henry Liu
Sr Front End Engineer

Born and raised in San Francisco, and probably the only native in the office, Henry joined the VolunteerMatch team in 2011. He brings with him over 10 years experience in front end development, as a coder and UI designer, as well as a graphic designer for more traditional mediums. Having worked primarily with nonprofits and local artists in his career, Henry has a strong belief in VolunteerMatch's mission and for the need to support community-based organizations. He has a particular interest in visual design and finds working in front end development to be an exciting and unique place to observe how humans respond and react to design, technology and information.

Katie O'Neil
Sr. Associate, Client Communications and Support

Katie joined VolunteerMatch in September 2019 as a part of the Product Management team with the goal of helping to build nonprofit client relationships and driving nonprofit retention. She brings over 10 years of experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors, working with a state-wide membership association and a vendor helping California school districts receive critical Medi-Cal reimbursements.

Katie, an Oakland native, spends her free time with her gargoyle-like pup, Mabel, training for her first triathlon, creating art, and fostering her budding green thumb by setting up an aquaponics system in her yard with her partner. 

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Beilie Peng
Sr Manager, Product

Beilie graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Economics and have been working in the IT industry ever since. Prior to joining VolunteerMatch in November 2014, as a system integrations consultant, then product manager, Beilie spent many years building online software/applications for government agencies and e-commerce systems that powers online travel agencies operated by companies in the travel or financial services industry. In 2014, as a volunteering consultant, Beilie spent 3 months in Nairobi, Kenya, working with and mentoring a team of local engineer and product manager in a software company. Outside of work, her hobbies are mostly food or travel related. At any time, Beilie enjoys eating or cooking delicious food or getting ready to travel to somewhere in the world.

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Terra Person
Associate, Client Services

Terra joined VolunteerMatch as a Client Services Associate in August 2018 after 18 years in corporate America. She was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and lived in San Diego as a young child for a year. She graduated from Franklin University with a B.S. in Human Resource Management and currently enjoys traveling and spending time with her two granddaughters.

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Laura Plato
VP, Business Development & Marketing

Laura Plato is Vice President, Business Development & Marketing at VolunteerMatch

Laura brings over 20 years of experience leading transformational change for both nonprofit and for-profit businesses to her role on the VolunteerMatch team.

Most recently, she served as President and Chief Operating Officer for Causecast, a SaaS technology provider of employee engagement and corporate philanthropy solutions, where she led the development of the first Artificial Intelligence-enhanced predictive analytics product for social impact leaders, the award-winning IMPACT AI. In her most recent role in the corporate sector, she led worldwide employee giving and volunteering for Intuit.

Known for her catalyzing energy, resilience, and vision, Laura is also a founder, entrepreneur and philanthropist with a passion for developing the next generation of socially conscious business leaders. She serves in a volunteer capacity as Executive Director for the Akoin Foundation, where she is helping the next generation of young CEOs in Africa to rise.

A nationally published author and sought-after speaker and advisor in the world of social impact, she has appeared before audiences at events including Social Media Week, CSR 3.0, and COMMIT! Forum, and led educational events for leading organizations including America’s Charities and the Corporate Responsibility Association. 

She received her BA with Honors in English from Scripps College, and holds an MSc from the London School of Economics in Criminal Justice Policy.

John Rackwitz
Senior Applications Engineer

John has been writing code since 1984. He is a talented applications engineer and has been a key player on VolunteerMatch's engineering team since 2015.

Samir Shah
Technical and Business Director, Client Services

Samir joined VolunteerMatch to cultivate valuable relationships with socially responsible companies engaging in community involvement. By helping corporate clients connect their employees to nonprofit volunteer opportunities, he maximizes the social value of the VolunteerMatch technology and corporate services. Samir has five years of experience in the corporate sector. In sales and marketing roles, he has successfully managed relationships with companies like Apple, Microsoft and AT&T. In 2004, Samir became involved with civic engagement by actively participating in the Presidential election. He is currently a tutor at the Tenderloin Boys and Girls Club. Samir studied Economics at the University of Texas at Austin and has an MA in Asian Studies from UC Berkeley.

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Kim Shumsky
Sr Front End Engineer

Kim joined the VolunteerMatch team with 8 years of experience in both back and front end development. She is a self-taught coder who graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Business Management. Kim is passionate about travel, food, yoga and being outdoors. She has lived in several countries including England and Grenada where she discovered how important and rewarding it is to give back to her community.

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Hsiaoyun Sue
Sr Application Engineer

Hsiaoyun joined VM on July 2014, and just hit her 3 year mark. She has had a wonderful 3 years working here at VolunteerMatch. This is her 5th and favorite job. Hsiaoyun has a master's degree in software engineering. Starting off as a QA engineer in a semi-conductor equipment company, Hsiaoyun found a role that sent her traveling around the world. Now Hsiaoyun just enjoys being a JAVA developer. It's her 6th year doing so and she wouldn't change it for the world.

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Eric Swanson,
Systems Administrator

Eric joined the staff at VolunteerMatch in May 2012, after several years supporting VolunteerMatch as an IT service provider. Eric brings over 30 years of widely varied technology operations experience to his role, and relishes the day-to-day challenges of keeping the systems humming. He claims he was born in a wiring closet and grew up in a climate-controlled server farm, but we are certain that's a joke. When not toiling in his hermetically sealed Nerd Pit, Eric enjoys cooking, canning, bicycling, reading, and long road trips.

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