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Life rolls along pretty good for most of us, most of the time anyway. But sometimes life brings storms. And they come in all forms...political unrest economic turmoil...or a whole host of natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. And as a result, people are left wounded... The wounds run deep... Physically people end up without [rwm1] a place to lay there head at night or something to eat or drink. And the reality of their condition leads to Emotional turmoil-stress, confusion [rwm2] , depression and sometimes utter hopelessness. Spiritually people can lose their way. But you know, our Father loves us. And his desire is for the broken to be whole, full, and complete. And I believe that's why God instilled compassion within each of us, so that we can be his instruments to bring hope and life to the empty and suffering. And its common for us experience compassion when we here about suffering but often times we don't know how to help. That's where Hilltop Rescue comes in. Our mission is simple...
Enable the Willing to Touch the Wounded. In other words, we figure out creative ways to provide opportunities for those who have compassion to serve those who need the help. And when people serve something amazing happens...Not only are the healed but the compassionate are also transformed and blessed by their service. So how does Hilltop enable the willing... We'll we have three programs that help us accomplish our mission... Disaster Response Leadership, Periodic Work Camps and Volunteer Facilitation. Disaster Response Leadership is when we step up as Hilltop Rescue and manage activities before during and after a crisis. The leadership approach revolves around three phases - Prepare, Engage, Respond. It starts by being PREPARED...making sure leaders and volunteers are trained, that equipment is ready and key relationships are established. And by relationships we mean with organizations like the red-cross, law enforcement officials, and especially with local churches who are directly connected to victims. Either just before a storm-like a hurricane or just after in an unplanned disaster-like an earthquake, we'll send in a team to ENGAGE in first-response leadership. The team will network with local officials, access the damage, search for victims, communicate the findings and help in any other way to address immediate needs. In addition to meeting immediate needs, the first response team will prepare the way for those who will follow. They'll determine how Hilltop volunteers can best meet the needs of the community, in other words, select the service projects. And they'll set up a base camp to house and meet the needs of the volunteers who will come. Hilltop we'll then send out the call to RESPOND. The disaster response leadership team will make sure that when volunteers come to serve they'll be productive. The typical response activities will vary by disaster but will typically include projects such as; clean-up/debris removal, laundry services for victims, provide communication services to enable folks to contact their loved ones. The response teams will utilize partnerships to be able to help meet medical, counseling, and the distribution of supplies to take care of basic needs. These response efforts will all be done in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ with a message of hope, all the while pointing folks to a local life giving church. It's the same model that was used in responding to Hurricane Mitch in Central America and with Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. And what's really exciting is that we're planning for there to be several response teams. It's a regional approach. That way when an earthquake hits Southern California we can have a team of people and equipment nearby to immediately ENGAGE. We could envision 5 or 10 somewhat autonomous but networked regional teams being created over the next few years. These regional teams won't always be busy with disaster response leadership. So as part of keeping active interaction with volunteers and making sure their prepared, regional team will host periodic work camps. These opportunities will be posted on the Hilltop web site and offer all volunteers opportunities to participate. The work camps are really just short term mission experiences and will occur every 3 to 6 months for each regional team. With our goal to " enable the willing" we want to offer as many opportunities to serve as possible. Volunteer facilitation enables us to multiply the number volunteers we can deploy and enable them to utilize more of their gifts and talents. So we'll form partnerships with strong churches, and organizations that are working in disaster zones and have the capacity and expertise to lead volunteers. These field service partners will utilize our volunteer management technology to ensure that we can work really well together. Our goal will be to always have a handful of opportunities posted on the web site. One of the really cool things about working with partners is that they'll sometimes give volunteers an opportunity to serve in activities that are beyond the traditional scope of Hilltop. As an example, in New Orleans we're partnering with an organization called Crossroads. They are working to help Katrina victims rebuild homes. It's beyond the scope of what we do, but through this partnership it gives folks who have construction talents an opportunity to utilize them to help get residents back into their homes. And to support these activities we'll need some best in class central resources like our volunteer management system, strong communications, a volunteer loyalty program and solid operational and tactical support.
So that's it, we enable the willing to touch the wounded through three programs: Disaster Response Leadership, Periodic Work Camps, and through Volunteer Facilitation. And we'll work with partners wherever possible to extend our ability to serve the suffering. We desire to let the love of God shine in dark places. Please pray for our young organization that we can become what our father desires us to be. Listening for the cry of the wounded...waiting for the call of our father... responding in the Love of Christ.

Mission Statement

Enabling the willing to touch the wounded.

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    717 E. Grand AvenueEl Segundo, CA 90245
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    • Robert Machen
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    • Emergency & Safety, Faith-Based

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