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Mission Statement

Harm Reduction Project of Utah Outreach Group HRPU

What is Harm Reduction?

Harm Reduction is a strategy or philosophy that recognizes that people do and always will take risks. Harm Reduction attempts to minimize the harms and hazards associated with risky behaviors in order to keep people safe and healthy. Harm Reduction works to prevent HIV/AID's, Hepatitis, Overdose, Incareration, and more.


Our peer educators travel to areas where substance users use and/or buy drugs, to deliver harm reduction services and arrange for repeated contacts with individual users in other settings. The Harm Reduction outreach group is a peer-driven intervention, that provides harm reduction services at raves, nightclubs and other arenas where club drug users may congregate.

What can we do for you?
We realize that drug use, risk taking, and commercial sex are a part of life. If people are ready to stop, we will hook them up with community resources and support.

We hand out literature on- a variety of drugs including but not limited to the beloved Dancesafe cards that we get directly from Dancesafe, overdose info, as well as a ton of HIV/STD prevention info, condoms/lube, matches with OD prevention on the cover ect.

We do parking lot patrols to ensure people are safe there and that cars are not getting broken into, we also offer car walk outs, and hand out candy, glowsticks, and whistles for safety, but again our services are not limited to what is stated if there is anything specific you want, just ask we will work something out.

We have FULL SUPPORT AND BACKING from both the HARMREDUCTION PROJECT and the RAPE RECOVERY CENTER!!!!!! These are NOT organizations that are to be scoffed at... these are state and federally funded programs.

We believe a safe scene is a happy scene, and we want to keep all the happy Ravers where they belong...At the Rave.





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