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Mission Statement

Refugee Resettlement, Commonwealth Catholic Charities resettles refugees empowering them to build new lives in a welcoming community. Our newest potential citizens need help adjusting to the ways of America by learning the culture, gaining their first employment and learning the language of our country.


The Refugee Resettlement of Commonwealth Catholic Charities has been resettling refugees in Virginia since 1975. With offices in Richmond, Roanoke, and Hampton, Refugee Resettlement has resettled over 18,000 refugees from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Ukraine, Somalia, Cuba, Haiti, Iraq, Bosnia, Congo, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Afghanistan, Burundi, and Colombia. More recently from Bhutan, Burma, Iraq and few from Pakistan, and African countries.

Refugee Resettlement welcomes the stranger and enables those escaping persecution to begin new lives with dignity through early self-sufficiency. The agency strives to foster an accepting community climate for persons of different cultures.

Refugee Resettlement provides comprehensive resettlement services including:

  • Reception and Placement Services
  • Support Services*
    • Orientation in U.S. laws, customs, and institutions
    • Intensive case management to ensure all initial needs are met including: resource development, transportation, interpretation, and advocacy
    • Early employment placement assistance
    • English language instruction (ESL)
    • School liaison services
    • Prevention services for refugee youth and families
  • Community Education
  • Youth Services

What and Who Are the Refugees?

A refugee is a person outside of the United States who seeks protection on the grounds that he or she fears persecution in his or her homeland. To obtain refugee status, a person must prove that he or she has a "well-founded fear of persecution" on the basis of at least one of five specifically-enumerated and internationally-recognized grounds. Those grounds include the person's race, religion, membership in a social group, political opinion, or national origin.

According to recent estimates from the U.S. Committee for Refugees, there are tens of millions of refugees and asylum seekers throughout the world, and millions of internally displaced persons (IDP) in need of protection and assistance.

In 2001, the "Top Ten" places from which refugees fled and were resettled in the U.S. were: Bosnia, the Former Soviet Union, Somalia, Iran, Vietnam, Sudan, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Liberia. The numbers have changed. For 2012, the US is allowing the resettlement of 76,000 refugees from various regions, the majority being from the Near East/ South Asia region with 35,500 persons.

We rely heavily on the self-less dedication of our volunteers who commit to making our program and the proper resettlement of our refugee clients, a true success. THANK YOU!




Refugee Resettlement Program of Commonwealth Catholic Charities accepts donations. Donate Now.



(757) 247-1070


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by francisca M. (August 23, 2015)
They have "resettled" some of these families beside me, in NN, denbigh, they get free rent, free cable, free internet, cell phones, monies to be supposedly used for groceries and not a one of them is working.I watch them day in & day out, just sitting on lawn chairs, lots of kids, screaming & yelling, while the adults talk on their cell phones, swizzle beer & listen to the radio, How is this helping anyone?They are getting the good life while someone like me on SS, is barely making it. Seems if I want to live for nothing all I have to do is pretend to be hassled in my own country and then come over here where the commonwealth will give me everything and I dont have to lift a finger to ever help myself. No wonder they left their original homes, they were promised they would be taken care of for the rest of their lives and never have to work again. So NO I do not believe in this program it is full of flaws - you are taking care of them they have taken us. Good job
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