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Webinar Recap: Building a Flexible and Sustainable Volunteer Program
Program Strategy
The fun theory...of employee engagement
Building Partnerships
Tips for working with nonprofits
Webinar Recap
Flexible and sustainable volunteer engagement
Cause Marketing
Cutting through cause clutter with incentives
The most recent Best Practice Network Webinar featured advice from industry experts - read about it below.
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Strategy Tips
The fun theory...of employee engagement
Problem: you're having trouble motivating employees to participate in your program. Sign-ups for special events are low, and attendance is even lower. They're not using their paid time off, and for goodness' sake, why won't they track their hours?!
You need to find a way to change all this. They've been through the orientation and training sessions, so you know they know the tools.
They've been to multiple assemblies with the CEO inspiring them with how important and noble participation is. And yet, employees are still not participating in the volunteer program. You need to find a way to actually change their behavior.
We have a unique suggestion that is supported by real research: make it fun.
Learn about the fun theory of employee engagement.
Building Partnerships
Tips for working with nonprofits
It's clear today that companies and nonprofits must work together to help solve social issues. You won't find a successful cause campaign without a corporate/nonprofit partnership, and research shows that most consumers (78%) believe these partnerships help a cause stand out from the rest. (Check out Cause Marketing Forum's Cause Update for recent program examples and analysis.)
So before doing anything to plan your next cause program – consider who your partner will be. Choosing a nonprofit partner for your campaign should be one of the first steps you take, not the last.
Here's some advice to get you started:
Determine what assets you bring to the table.
Map roles and responsibilities at the start.
Be transparent about your important goals.
Identify common goals.
Measure outcomes and adjust.
Read more tips for building partnerships with nonprofits.
Webinar Recap
Flexible and sustainable volunteer engagement
By Carley Klekas, Marketing & Insights Intern
For the January edition of our Best Practice Network Webinar series, we talked with VolunteerMatch's own expert, Vicky Hush, and invited reps from two of VolunteerMatch's clients: Sue Osten from UnitedHealth Group and Erin Dieterich from Discovery Communications. They spoke about creating a flexible and sustainable volunteer program, and the fundamentals of successful employee volunteering.
Topics included addressing employee resistance, motivating employees, constantly evaluating and innovating your events, and a special Change Model developed by VolunteerMatch for programs just like yours.
Click here to read expert insights and take-aways from the webinar.
Cause Marketing
Cutting through cause clutter with incentives
We've witnessed the mainstreaming of products and services that support causes in recent years for two reasons: consumers get feelings of goodwill for supporting a good cause, and companies see it as a proven strategy to attract more customers.
The influx of cause players has left some customers drowning in pink – and some companies are willing to play hard ball to rise above the clutter.
More companies today not only support a cause, but include an added incentive for shoppers to choose their "cause goods" over the rest.
We know that when price and quality are equal, consumers will choose a product or service that is aligned with a good cause over one that is not. But there's something about a concrete incentive that motivates consumers to take action, even when there isn't cause competition.
What are your thoughts about incentivizing consumers to do good?

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