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To increase involvement in their Employee Volunteer Program, Target is extending the use of their VolunteerMatch site to Target Volunteer Councils (TVCs).

Target has a rich tradition of commitment to the community. While Target gives more than $2 million a week, they place equal emphasis on the impact their employee volunteers have in their local communities.

A VolunteerMatch client for several years, Target partnered with VolunteerMatch to provide a network of volunteer opportunities to their employees nationwide and an online tool to manage and evaluate their volunteer activity. The ability to tailor their site and add Target-specific events that motivate employees factored in their decision to use VolunteerMatch.

"We wanted to engage nonprofits across the country with our employees, and VolunteerMatch provided an easy, user-friendly tool."

- Cheryl Thompson, Target Community Relations

To increase involvement in their Employee Volunteer Program, the Community Relations team set goals to extend the usage of their VolunteerMatch site to its Target Volunteer Councils (TVCs). Target has 11 TVCs which are in touch with the needs of their local communities and empowered to provide volunteer opportunities for Target team members in their buildings.

Allowing TVC members to post their own opportunities and track them through the Target VolunteerMatch site helps engage even more employees from all parts of the company in volunteering. At the same time, company-wide volunteer activity can be evaluated centrally.

To address Target's need, VolunteerMatch developed a special guide and training session for "Volunteer Champions" - individuals who may not be a part of the department that coordinates and encourages volunteerism, but who still lead or organize volunteer activities for their peers and colleagues. Volunteer Champions have administrative access to areas of the company's VolunteerMatch site where they can post, track and promote volunteer opportunities.

The first Target employee to be trained as a Volunteer Champion was Chad McNiesh, a member of Target's Headquarter TVC. After training, Chad immediately used VolunteerMatch's Special Event Manager - a tool for managing signature volunteer events, with advanced features such as automatic project closure, project leader recruiting, and a dedicated web page for the event - to promote a volunteer event he coordinates each year.

The event was so popular that referrals for Target's VolunteerMatch site increased 575% for that month! Since then, Chad, a true power user, has created two more special events, making full use of new features such as adding photos to the Special Event site and customized questions to the signup form.

"Using VolunteerMatch has dramatically reduced the time required to manage our events. Using the Special Event Manager to create a central place for interested volunteers to get information about an event and sign up has made our events even more popular. VolunteerMatch's reporting and ability to get responses to questions like t-shirt size directly from the sign-up form have become invaluable. Coordinating volunteers is no longer a full time job. Thank you!"

- Chad McNiesh, Target Volunteer Council

VolunteerMatch and Target plan to build on the success of the Volunteer Champion model by continuing to train Target Volunteer Council members across the company.

By posting and promoting VolunteerMatch opportunities, companies with volunteer councils, diversity groups, and volunteer events empower Volunteer Champions and engage employees.

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